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Virtual Classes

Continue the fun of Seminar by enrolling in one (or more) of these virtual classes! These classes will be scheduled following the close of the 2024 Seminar. Registration is open to non-Seminar attendees as well as those who will be participating at Seminar in-person. Reserve your spot in these exciting courses now so that you won’t miss out on the fun!

Class 401: Hardanger and More

Teacher: Jonalene Gutwein

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 6.29.13 PM.png

Technique: Hardanger, filet work, surface embroidery, and drawn thread work

Design area: 28 count – 12”x12”; 30 count – 11”x11”; 32 count – 10”x10”

Proficiency level: Intermediate 

Kit cost: can be kitted from stash; if purchased, materials should cost approx. $30.00

Three Zoom Sessions starting 6/21/2024

Class Fee: $120

This project piece combines elements of Hardanger, filet work, surface embroidery, and drawn thread work. Today’s Hardanger combines the traditional Hardanger techniques and stitches with other forms of 

whitework. This piece goes a step further and combines contemporary Hardanger with the diverse techniques of drawn thread and filet work. The student will work four different corner designs and will have the option of working any or all of them in their piece. Two of the corners incorporate Hardanger techniques and two of them incorporate drawn thread techniques. The student will work the Hardanger techniques of loop picots, split-wrapped and woven bars, filet and oblique filet, and 3/4 spider, woven flowers. Surface embroidery stitches are diagonal double backstitch, diagonal cross stitch, and satin stitching, which add to the diverse nature of this piece. Filet work is found in the center and the corner needle-woven flowers and cloth stitch centers. The drawn thread work establishes the outside border of the piece, which combines wrapped bars with a needle-woven spider web and the corner treatments of needle lace pyramids and circles.

Pre-work: Required to stitch ¼ of piece to establish a corner to work on for the surface embroidery. The complete chart will be given with required portion shown. Pre-work will be sent before the start of the first week of actual teaching with full instructions and hints to make their work better.

Kit contents: no kit provided

Student supplies:

  • Linen, student’s choice of color and count (328 x 328)

    • 28 count – doily + 2” on each side -16”x16”

    • 28 count – framed + 4” on each side – 20”x20”

    • 30 count – doily + 2” on each side – 15”x15”

    • 30 count – framed + 4” on each side – 19”x19”

    • 32 count – doily + 2” on each side – 14”x14”

    • 32 count – framed + 4” on each side – 18”x18”

  • #8 and #12 perlé coton (color to match linen)

  • Small 4: hoop for corner work (optional)

  • Stretching board for finishing (optional)

  • Orvus Soap (or other needlework soap) for finishing (optional)

  • Silk pins for finishing (optional)

Class 402: Little Treasure Box

Teacher: Margaret Bendig

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 6.30.19 PM.png

Technique: Canvas

Design area: 4”x4”x1-5/8”

Proficiency level: Intermediate

Pre-work: None

Kit cost: $135.00 (plus shipping if kit mailed to student)

Two Zoom Sessions starting 6/21/2024

Class Fee : $80

This Little Treasure Box was designed to hold those precious tools we use when we sit down to stitch. It will comfortably hold embroidery scissors, needles, laying tool, counting pins, thimble, or other small tools necessary when working your magic. The box bottom is composed of repeats of three composite patterns using multiple types of threads. The sides of the box bottom are 1 ½” high. Seven different patterns make the box top interesting to stitch and to view. There are 11 different threads used in the project, multiples of half of them. Two different colorways are currently available, Seafoam and Jewel. The Seafoam colorway is designed with Watercolours, with Bermuda Reef as the inspiration, and the Jewel colorway uses Watercolours, Elderberry Wine, and complimentary colors as well. There are multiple stitch combinations including rice, Smyrna, Caswell, long arm cross, slanted satin, cross combinations, mosaic slanted combinations, ray, triple cross, and various satin stitch patterns.

Kit contents:

  • Two pieces of 18 count mono eggshell or soft ivory canvas

  • Threads include: Watercolours, perle cotton, two colors of Splendor Silk, two colors of Neon Rays, two colors of Soft Sheen Fyre Werks, Silk Lame Braid, and Kreinik braids in two sizes.

  • #22 and #24 tapestry needles

Student supplies:

  • Two pairs 12”x12” stretcher bars

  • Lining fabric for finishing the box

  • Usual stitching tools

Class 403: Mermaid Moon

Teacher: Toni Gerdes

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 6.31.11 PM.png

Sailing across the ocean, this diving mermaid is silhouetted against the full moon on a magical night. Our mermaid is diving for pearls amidst many beautiful shells at the bottom of a multi-colored ocean while the sky is a shimmering blue from the moon’s rays. The mermaid’s tail is created with a padded batik applique technique and outlined with Kreinik’s Petite Facets. You will learn a special curling method to make the mermaid’s 3-D hair.

Kit contents:

  • Light blue 18 count line-drawn mono canvas

  • Instructions with photo

  • Needles and case

  • All threads, beads, and embellishments to complete project, including fabric

Student supplies:

  • 12”x18” stretcher bars

  • Usual stitching tools

Technique: Canvas with fabric applique

Design area: approx. 8”x14”

Proficiency: Intermediate

Pre-work: None

Kit cost: $165.00 (plus shipping if kit mailed to student; estimated at $20)

Two Zoom Sessions Starting 7/1/2024

Class Fee: $80

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