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Rose Ornament

Want to add an ornament to your tree you created yourself? This is it. Designed to be two sided you can make one side an ornament and the other a pin cushion or two ornaments or two pin cushions.


With this versitale design you can change the finishing techniques, the flowers and the colors to have an infinite number of designs.

You will learn some of the basic stches used in Brazilian Embroidery.


Your kit comes complete with the design pre-printed on the fabric, instructions, color photo, thread, needles, needle threader, needle  grabber and backing fabric.


Design size: 2 x 3 inches each

Fabric size: 10 x 10


8 inch hoop or 10 x 10 inch stretcher bars recommended


Those glorious golden flowers named for the way they turn their blooms from east to west to follow the Sun. They are bright and cheery, and as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun. With brilliant yellow petals, also known as “rays,” sunflowers have an unmistakable sun-like appearance that makes you smile when you see them. They cheer up any field and most especially your home. Our sunflowers will now reside in a beautiful blue bowl sitting on a shelf on a sunflower cloth.

This design will teach you some of the basic Brazilian Embroidery stitches and take you a step further with double cast-on and drizzle stitches.

Your kit will come complete with design preprinted on the fabric, instructions, photo, threads, needles, needle grabber and threader, backing fabric, and beads. A tomato pincushion or large eraser, beading needle and thread will be necessary to complete the


Design: 5 x 12

Fabric: 12 x 18

12 x 18 stretcher bars or Q snaps recommended. Hoop is not viable as it will not encompass the entire design and moving it around will result in distorted stitches

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