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1 Day Classes

Class 101: Charlotte

Teacher: Terri Bay

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 4.32.35 PM.png

Charlotte is a Ukrainian whitework ornament worked on 28 count linen with two sizes of pearl cotton. Some of the stitches worked in the creation of Charlotte are; satin, eyelet, double cable, and the diagonal eyelet band. Full instructions for finishing Charlotte into an ornament are included and will be fully covered in class, but finishing supplies are not included.

Kit contents:

  • 10 inch square of 28 count Linen 

  • DMC pearl cotton size 8 

  • DMC pearl cotton size 12 

  • 24 and 26 tapestry needles

  • Chart and Instructions

Student supplies:

  • 8” hoop or QSnap™ or 10” stretcher bars

  • Usual stitching tools

  • Battery powered lighting and magnification, if needed

Technique: Ukrainian whitework

Design area: 4”x4”

Proficiency level: Basic

Pre-work: None

Kit cost: $50.00

Class 102: Amethyst Light

Teacher: Kate Festo

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 4.53.32 PM.png

Technique: Japanese Rozashi embroidery

Design area: approx. 4” in diameter

Proficiency level: All levels (canvas embroidery skills a plus)

Pre-work: None

Kit cost: $86.00 (include luggage tag)

With an amethyst shade of violet, bordered with dark purple borders, then offset with a creamy shade of yellow, colors are used to create a contrasting sense of balance in this piece.  Five traditional Japanese patterns are used to blend these appealing colors into this creatively distinctive piece. This piece is stitched on Japanese silk ro scrim, using a Japanese silk twist embroidery thread and traditional Rozashi techniques. The ro will already be attached to the frame so that after a few opening remarks stitching can began right away. Students will learn the unique methodical handling of these tightly twisted silk threads as they work this ancient technique to create traditional Japanese geometric designs. The stitches and techniques include: five different traditional geometric Japanese patterns, step and straight (“satin”) stitches, and learning opposite vertical pull.

Kit contents:

  • Written instructions with illustrations

  • Color copy and line drawing of design (schematic, all sections identified

  • #24 tapestry needle

  • Japanese silk ro scrim, foundation fabric attached to wooden frame

  • Japanese twisted silk Rozashi thread (colors: amethyst, yellow, dark purple)

  • Lee® brand leather luggage tag

Student provides:

  • Fine pointed scissors for cutting threads

  • Thimble

  • Fine wire needle threader

  • Table frame, floor frame, frame clamp or frame weight

  • A piece of flexible or pair of pliers for pulling needles through tight spots

  • Usual stitching tools

  • Battery powered lighting and magnification (ro has a high thread count)

Class 103: Flip Flops

Toni Gerdes and Kathy Rees

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 4.56.55 PM.png

Walking the beach on a beautiful sunny day wearing brightly colored flip flops is a favorite memory from any beachy vacation. This class, co-designed and taught by both Kathy Rees and Toni Gerdes, will show you how to make 3-D flip flops on a sandy background with an ocean inspired border. Four different Caron Watercolor threads, plus ThreadworX Pearl Cotton and Kreinik Braid are used to create this colorful fun piece. The thong part of the flip flops is created with a wonderful leather braid to make the 3-D effect on canvas.

Kit contents:

  • White 18-count mono canvas

  • Instructions and color photo 

  • Needles and case

  • All threads, beads, and embellishments to complete the project, including leather braid

Student provides:

  • Usual stitching tools

  • Battery powered lightning and magnification (if needed)

Technique: Canvas

Design area: 6x11

Proficiency level: Intermediate

Pre-work: None

Kit cost: $100.00

Class 104: Stand Up Box Finishing

Teacher: Kim Hollifield

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 5.00.11 PM.png


Master this useful finishing technique that produces a stand up box piece for display. Taught by longtime professional needlework finisher, Kim Hollifield, this class will expand your repertoire of finishing skills, giving you more ways to display your works of art.

Kit contents:

  • Written instructions

  • Mat board

  • Batting

  • Pins

  • Cording holder

  • Use of shared materials

Student supplies:

  • Stitched piece, square or rectangular (no larger than 8”x8”)

  • Coordinating fabric (1/2 yard)

  • Coordinating DMC floss (one color, 6 skeins)

  • Coordinating ¾” to 1” size beads for feet (4)

  • Twisted cord maker

Technique: Finishing

Design area: N/A. Will Depend on the piece that the student provides  for the class

Proficiency level: All levels

Pre-work: Stitched piece for finishing

Kit cost: $40.00

Class 105: California Poppy

Teacher: Celeste Chalasani

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 5.02.33 PM.png

A single poppy sways, its glistening orange bud softly leaning in as a gentle breeze caresses it.  Stitch California’s iconic wildflower as you learn intermediate stumpwork techniques. 

Kit contents:

• Instructions

• Silk shantung

• Cotton fabric

• Stranded cotton thread

• Wire

• Needles

Student provides:

• 8” stretcher bars OR 3” embroidery hoop

• 4” embroidery hoop

• Wire cutters

• Acid free wide tip marking pen (pink/red)

• Masking tape

• Mechanical pencil or Pigma® pen

• Small sharp scissors

• Usual stitching tools

• Battery powered lighting and magnification (highly recommended)

Technique: Stumpwork

Design area: 1-1/2”x3-1/2”

Proficiency level: Intermediate (experience with surface embroidery encouraged)

Pre-work: None

Kit cost: $35.00

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