South Central Region EGA
Annual Meeting
June 2, 2021 ‐ 12:45 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.


1.    Call to Order -- Sandra Harwell
2.    Welcome -- Sandra Harwell
3.    Quorum -- Debbie Osborne
4.    Minutes of Annual Meeting, March 13, 2021 -- Debbie Osborne
5.    Officer/Committee Chair Reports

a.    Region Director -- Sandra Harwell
b.    Assistant Region Director -- Valorie Russell
c.    Treasurer -- Sherri Hagar

           2022 Budget
d.    Education -- Mary Waldsmith
e.    Assistant Education -- Beth Newton
f.     Bylaws -- Michelle Renee -- No Report

g.    Communications -- Sherri Seville
h.    Heart and Hand Award -- Denise Hall
i.     Historian -- Pat Lufholm -- No Report
j.     Membership -- Dr. Linda A. Walker
k.    Outreach -- Judy McGraw
l.     Seminar Mentor -- Shawn Miller
m.   Special Events -- Gretchen Reilly
n.    Ways & Means -- Paula Millhollon
o.    Webmaster -- Jane Major
p.    Seminar 2021‐Austin, TX‐June 2‐5 -- Sandy Crow
q.    Seminar 2022‐Shreveport, LA -- Lulu Martin
r.     Seminar 2023‐Houston Embroiderers’ Guild -- Dr. Linda A. Walker
s.    Seminar 2024‐SCR ‐ San Marcos, TX -- Sandra Harwell


Unfinished Business

1.    Officer Training
2.    Chairmen for SCR Seminar 2024 and National Seminar 2025

New Business





Next Meetings

  1. Mid-Year Meeting - Embassy Suites, Dallas Park Central, Friday, February 2021, date to be announced

Combined Reports File - PDF contains all reports (30 pages)

Reimbursement Form

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