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Region Day



"Etuis, Boxes, & Bookmarks-Oh My!"  also known as Antique Perforated Paper, Samplers, and Tools.


Our first presentation of Region Day 2023 is viewing part of Joanna Baleson's collection of antique perforated paper bookmarks, darning samplers, needlework boxes, tools and more.  You will receive a kit at the conclusion of Region Day so you can stitch one of the perforated paper bookmarks you will see during Joanna's presentation.


"How Stitchers Inspired Art"


After a brief break, Region Day continues with a second lecture presented by Natalie Campbell and Candy Jepsen.  Our second lecture will explore how stitchers have been depicted in art.  For centuries, both men and women have done embroidery.  This presentation illustrates how the serene embroider was and is still the subject of various artists.

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