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3 Day Classes

Class 301: Stitcher’s Express
Teacher: Janet Zickler Casey

301 Casey Stitcher's Caddy.jpg

Technique: Canvas Embellishment, Linen Work, and Beading

Design Area: 10" x 16"

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $235.00

All Aboard the Stitcher’s Express!  Come along for the ride and create this adorable decorative stitcher’s train/caddy.  The engine has a thimble for a smokestack as well as a place for scissors and a laying tool.  The box car is attached via canvas applique and holds a collection of stitching tools including a small embroidery hoop, floss, beads, and a needle book which the student will stitch.  The student will also create a scissor fob and a needle case to stuff in the caddy. 

Kit Contents:

  • 2 pieces of 18 ct. White Mono Canvas – 14” x 20”

  • 1 piece of 36 ct. Linen – 8” x 8”

  • Threads

  • Beads

  • Instructions to complete the two-car train

  • Accessories. 

  • A small embroidery hoop,

  • Needles

  • Scissors 

Student Provides:

  • 2 sets of stretcher bars

  • 6” embroidery hoop

  • Usual stitching tools

  • Battery operated lighting and magnification if needed

Class 302: Spring’s Welcome: Pulled Thread Tulips
Teacher: Marylyn Doyle

302 Doyle Pulled Tulips.jpg

Technique: Pulled Thread of linen

Design Area: 12" x 12"

Proficiency Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $85.00

Tulips dance within a framework of a pulled thread “mat.” A variety of pulled thread stitches will be explored by both the beginner to this technique and with optional patterns for those familiar with pulled thread. This offers the opportunity to make the completed piece unique. The class begins with an introduction to pulled thread patterns and techniques which includes a discussion of the ‘value’ the stitch pattern creates, what type of hole the pattern makes, the degree of pull required, and patterns which are linear or diagonal. All this is in preparation for designing your own piece in the future.

Kit Contents:

  • Stretcher strips

  • Linen, Cashel # 28 count – 15” square

  • Tacks

  • Magnet

  • Needles: Tapestry 22,24,26 Chenille 24 

  • DMC Threads: Perle # 12 two balls, Perle # 8 one ball, Cotton floss one skein  

  • Picture of Project 

  • Half sheet with ‘mat' stitch diagram 

  • Instructions

  • Sticky notes

  • Gift box container

  • Shipping fee

Student Provides:

  • Regular stitching kit (scissors, etc.) 

  • Lighting (battery run) and magnification are optional but useful 

  • Clamp or frame weight 

Class 303: Kubota Kimono
Teacher: Toni Gerdes

303 Gerdes Kubota Kimonot.jpg

Inspired by the beautiful landscape art kimonos of Itchiku Kubota, the Kubota Kimono is the sixth in my Artist’s series of kimonos and features Japan’s Mt. Fuji in intricate embroidered detail on white 18ct. mono canvas. The stitches for this kimono are multi-layered stitches with detailed shading to create the feeling & depth of color of Kubota’s work. The design can be done as the original, a kimono, or as a rectangle (with some design changes by student). This intermediate level design using several different silks, Sparkle! Braid, Silk Lame’ Braid, several overdyes, & more finishes to approximately 8” x 11”.

Kit Contents:

  • 18ct. White Mono Canvas, Taped & Line-Drawn

  • Needles in Case

  • Threads

  • Instructions

  • Photo

  • Plastic Bags

Student Provides:

  • Pencil or Pen for notes

  • Stretcher Bars, 12” x 16”, Assembled

  • Tacks or staples to attach canvas to bars

  • Scissors for thread cutting (fine & metallic)

  • Lighting & Magnification, if desired

  • Floor stand, table stand, or frame weight to stabilize your piece while working

  • Normal stitching supplies, including a Laying Tool

  • #4H Pencil &/or an air-disappearing purple pen for drawing on canvas, optional

  • Mini Flat Iron for ironing threads, optional

  • Floss Away Bags, optional

Technique: Canvas

Design Area: 8" x 11"

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $175.00

Class 304: Elegant Strawberry Scissors Amulet & Needle Case
Teacher: Bobbi Norris

304 Norris Elegant Strawberry.jpg

This lovely Elegant Strawberry Scissors Amulet and Needle Case was designed in the 1980s by Pat Lauer. Through time the original pattern was lost. However, it is with great thanks to Pat for permission and to Mary Leach for loaning the original, it has new life again. It is just big enough to carry your scissors so everyone can admire your beautiful necklace with historic strawberry motif. To accompany this lovely piece is a strawberry needle case adorned with leaves and strawberry buds.

Kit Contents:

  • Delica beads

  • Swarovskis crystals

  • Embellishments

  • Wooden needle case

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Instructions

  • Pattern

Student Provides:

  • Usual stitching supplies

  • Bead mat

  • Lighting & Magnification, if needed

Technique: Peyote Beading

Design Area: Amulet is approximately 3” x 4” & Needle case is a standard length

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $125.00

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