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Margaret Bendig has taught needlework for guilds throughout the country and in Canada, in shops in California and Arizona as well as for EGA Region Seminars and ANG National Seminars.  Her focus is counted thread techniques and counted canvas designs.  Her designs have been featured as programs and workshops for many EGA and ANG chapters as well as in Needlepoint Now and Needle Pointers magazines. She has had the opportunity to teach online and Zoom classes through ANG and EGA.


Mendie Cannon received her Brazilian Embroidery (BE) certification in 2007 and has since been teaching steadily at EGA chapters, seminars, needlework shops, and other venues to achieve her goal to teach BE wherever she can.  Mendie was first introduced to needlework in the 6th grade but did not return to needlework until the early 1980s, learning needlepoint, petit point, crewel, cross-stitch, Brazilian and rug hooking. After joining EGA Fort Worth Chapter in 1996, Mendie learned to do many additional techniques, including Hardanger, drawn thread, cut thread, weaving, and Reticella. She has been doing Brazilian Embroidery almost exclusively since 2005.


Janet Zickler Casey holds a B.S. degree from the University of Texas in Medical Technology, a field from which she retired after 40 years.  She has taught for over 25 years, including ANG & EGA National Seminars.  She makes her home with her husband Steve and fur baby, Peanut in Houston, Texas.  An EGA & ANG Life Patron, she is an avid stitcher, designer, and teacher of needlepoint and is known for creating whimsical three-dimensional characters and ornaments for holiday and festive occasions.


Marylyn Doyle, though holding EGA certification in silk and metal threads on fabric, has explored a variety of needlework to understand the history and unique techniques of each. She has shared these in local, regional and national settings. Her embroideries have been in regional, national, and liturgical exhibits. Marylyn's passion? Sharing with others.

Toni Gerdes holds Level II Teachers’ certification from the National Academy of Needlearts specializing in canvas embroidery.  She currently serves on the Board of NAN as the Director of Education after serving 5 years as Assistant Director of Teachers’ Certification. She has also served on the Board of Directors for several ANG chapters as Program Chair & President.  She is a past President of NETA.  She has received numerous awards for her designs.  Toni has taught for NAN, EGA, and ANG, as well as guilds & shops.  She has been published in Needle Pointers, Needlepoint Now, and in Needle Arts as the Artist Across America.  She enjoys all types of stitching and especially sharing her knowledge with others.  She currently resides in Colorado.  See pictures of her work at


Deborah Mitek is a needlework designer and teacher specializing in silk ribbon embroidery and surface stitching on both fabric and canvas.  As a member of EAC, NAN, ANG & EGA for over 38 years, she teaches at the national, regional, and local levels.  Her work has been featured in both Needle Arts and Needle Pointers magazines.  Currently, she is the owner of Island Stitchery & Studio, a retail needlework shop.  She can be reached at


Bobbi Norris has stitched, embroidered and created for as long as she can remember, making her first dress in second grade.  Bobbi fell in love with counted cross-stitch as a young adult and now has a growing need to thread a beading needle.  Bobbi is an active member of the Houston Embroiderers’ Guild, concentrating on beading projects.  With encouragement from friends, she has expanded her love of beading by designing and teaching beading to others through local guilds and South Central Region. 

Canby Robertson has been designing and teaching embroidery, painting, and calligraphy for over 30 years. She has a degree in Fine art/art history and is an EGA Master Craftsman in crewel embroidery.

Mary Alice Sinton obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design in 1975 from Stephens College of Columbia, MO. She started her needle arts career studying Hawaiian Quilting while living in Hawaii 1976 -1982.  During the 1980s Mary Alice won several international awards with her Hawaiian Quilting original designs.  She began her journey into Japanese Embroidery in 1990 and traveled twice to Japan to study at Kurenai-Kai. She was certified to teach Traditional Japanese Embroidery in 1999 and Japanese Bead Embroidery in 2004 through the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta, GA. She taught Young Student’s class at the JEC from 1995-2005. She teaches Japanese Silk & Bead Embroidery monthly by Zoom and in-person in her home. She travels to teach at regional and national seminars around the US.  Her teaching schedule and needle art can be seen at

John Waddell has been stitching for over 35 years and is a member of EGA, TNNA, EAC, NETA and ANG.  He teaches weekly open stitch classes and publishes stitch guides for painted needlepoint canvases.  John has won the Robertson Award for Canvas Embellishment.  He has taught classes at the national EGA and ANG Seminars, at Calloway and at The National Needlework Association (TNNA).  He has articles published in Needle Pointers magazine in March 2002 and July 2004. He is a past President of the National Embroidery Teacher’s Association (NETA).   John is also a member of EGA’s Fiber Forum.

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