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2 Day Classes

Class 201: Stitcher’s Silk Treasure Box with Needlebook and Scissors Fobs 
Teacher: Margaret Bendig - WAIT LIST ONLY

201 Bendig Silk Box.JPG

​Technique: Canvas Counted Linen and Finishing

Design Area: Finished box is 4 ¼” square x 1 ½” high

Proficiency Level: Basic / Intermediate

Pre-Work: 8 Hours

Kit Cost: $75

The focus of our class is the assembly of the box, needle book and fobs. Together we will measure the stitched box top and calculate an easy method to cut, cover and assemble the box.  We will mount the stitched top and fit to the box. Instructions include stitching charts, finishing the box, needle book and fobs. With 2 days in class our goal is to construct the box and finish the needle book, finishing the fobs will be discussed. The box construction method may be used for other projects in your stash or future. The Treasure box is designed to hold the needle book and scissors fobs.

Pre-work is required. The amount of time depends on how fast the student works. The box top is cross stitch (4” square on 32 count, 4 ¼” on 28 count linen). The top must be done to assemble box in class. Needle book and fobs will be discussed and demonstrated so stitching may be done later. The student may complete all the stitching before class if desired. Some students may complete the needle book in class.

Kit Contents:

  • Prework materials:

  • 1 piece Antique Ivory linen ~ 28 count 10” square for box top

  • 1 piece Antique Ivory linen ~ 28 count 13” square for needle book & scissors fob

  • OR choice of 32 count linen

  • Cranberry Colorway: Anchor cotton floss (1 skein each of #74, #39, #42, #43, #859, #861)

  • OR Blue Colorway: cotton floss (1 skein each of DMC #3752, #932, #931, #930 and Anchor #859, #861)

  • #24 & #26 tapestry needles

Finishing materials – choice of Cranberry or Royal Blue

  • 1-sheet heavy duty template plastic ~ 12” x 18”            

  • 4 packages of Bohin needles     

  • 1 piece of silk 11” x 27”                                                

  • 1 bobbin of sewing thread to match silk color

  • 1 piece of silk 10 X 8½”                                                 

  • 1 double stick tape runner

  • 5” x 15” piece Warm & Natural batting                         

  • 5” x 12” Skirtex for needle book

  • Fiberfill for scissors fobs                                               

  • 4 tiny buttons to match silk color

  • 24” length 4 mm silk ribbon                                         

  • 4 small binder clips

  • 1 piece 5” square mat board

  • Finishing needles ~ #10 quilting needle & #26 chenille needle

Student Provides:

  • Frame or hoop for prework

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

  • Usual stitching supplies

Class 202: Birthday Bouquet
Teacher: Mendie Cannon

202 Cannon Birthday Bouquet.jpg

It is a wonderful surprise to receive flowers on our special occasions and special days. This is an opportunity to stitch a bouquet to remember such an occasion/day and keep it to enjoy always or delight a friend or loved one with a forever bouquet.

This piece offers the opportunity to learn the basic Brazilian Embroidery stitches of stem, leaf, bullion, cast-on, pistil and French or colonial knots.

Kit Contents:

  • Kit includes design pre-printed on 12” x 12” Trigger fabric

  • Instructions

  • Color photo

  • Needles

  • Grabber

  • Needle threader

  • Threads

  • Backing fabric

  • Ribbon

  • Stretcher bars

  • Tacks

Student Provides:

  • Usual stitching supplies

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

​Technique: Brazilian Embroidery

Design Area: 6" x 7"

Proficiency Level: Basic / Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $129.00

Class 203: Annette’s Bouquet
Teacher: Deborah Mitek

203 Mitek Annette's Bouquet.jpg

​Technique: Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Design Area: 9" x 9.5"

Proficiency Level: All Levels

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $130.00

Stitch this charming bouquet of Spring flowers while learning the basics of silk ribbon embroidery and other surface stitching techniques. Dimension and texture are created by using a variety of silk and other threads in varying weights and thicknesses. The design will use both 4mm & 7mm silk ribbons, most overdyed, DMC pearl cottons, Needlepoint Inc. silk flosses, Silk Road Straw Silk, Trebizond silk pearl, Appleton crewel wool and Painter’s Thread soie perlee on a 15” x 15” hand-painted and drawn, congress cloth background. The outline stitch, stem stitch, wrapped stem stitch, detached chain stitch, straight stitch, split stitch, satin stitch, loop stitch, fly stitch, pistil stitch, French knots, colonial knots, the ribbon stitch and couching are used to complete the design.

Kit Contents:

  • Complete thread kit with needles

  • Hand-painted, taped congress cloth with a line drawing

  • Instruction booklet including a large picture of the design, stitch guide, diagrams, detail photos, bibliography, and Tips on Handling Silk Ribbon.

Student Provides:

  • 15” x 15” Stretcher Bars for piece

  • Tacks or staples

  • Usual stitching supplies / Trolley needle and / or wooden laying tool

  • Stand / Frameweight / or Clamp for hands-free stitching

  • Light and Magnifier (optional)

Class 204: For the Orts in your Life, a six-sided folding Orts Box
Teacher: Canby Robertson

204 Robertson Orts Box Photo 1.jpg
204 Robertson Orts Box Photo 2.jpg

This class will explore the last phase of English Blackwork, a surface embroidery technique that imitated the linear organic quality in early wood cut illustrations in books. Include your expired hotel room key as a memento of your 2023 SCR Seminar experience as one of six in this box’s construction.   Only 3½” tall and 4 ¼” across, this orts box has a removable bottom which allows it to fold flat for easy packing in your embroidery kit.

Ground: Silk and metal thread embroidery on linen ground

Kit Contents:

  • Linen with transfer

  • Soie d’Alger, Surfine, Gold tambour, Perle cotton, & Silk couching threads

  • Spangles

  • Silk lining

  • Iron-on Pellon

  • Quilt bat

  • Steam-A-Seam bonding tape

  • Mat board

  • Needles

  • Instruction booklet

Student Provides:

  • 5” hoop

  • Smooth jaw pliers

  • 1 bottle Krazy Glue

  • Plastic sandwich container with lid

  • Light and magnification

​Technique: Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery

Design Area: 3½” tall and 4¼” across

Proficiency Level: All Levels

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $125.00

Class 205: Lotus Blossom Clutch
Teacher: Mary Alice Sinton

205 Sinton Lotus Blossom Black (1).JPG
205 Sinton Lotus Blossom White.JPG

Lotus Blossom Clutch is done in Japanese bead embroidery method.  Bead Embroidery in the Japanese method incorporates silk embroidery techniques translated with beads. The Lotus Blossoms come with either a white background or a black background floral design fabric foundation.  The Blossoms fit symmetrical across the rectangle clutch and fill the shape perfectly.  The beads used are a wide variety Tri-cut beads and glass seed beads.  The foundation fabric is a floral design “Rainbow Flight” by Wilmington Prints 100% cotton fabric. The clutch shell and hardware are included and can be finished easily by the individual stitcher.   The piece is stitched using stretcher bars.   

(Clutch design © Mary Alice Sinton)

Kit Contents:

  • Beads

  • Cotton fabric – Floral and Stripe

  • Pink Floral Lining

  • Gutermann Sewing Threads: Black and Bone

  • A special Japanese Beading Koma made by John Sinton Woodworking ($25 value)

  • Design Paper & Pattern

  • Japanese Needles (M2 & M3) with Ultra Fine Needle Threader

  • Color Image Reference

Student Provides:

  • Clamps or Frame Stand

  • Regular Stretcher Bars (10” x 12”) and Tacks

  • Silk Pins

  • Tulip Beading Awl or tekobari (optional)

  • Paper & Embroidery Scissors

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

​Technique: Japanese Bead Embroidery

Design Area: 6.75” x 8.5”

Proficiency Level: Basic

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $160.00

Class 206: Canvas Dr. at Your Service
Teacher: John Waddell

206 Waddell Canvas Dr photo (1).jpg

​Technique: Canvas Embellishment

Design Area: Not to Exceed 14" x 14"

Proficiency Level: All Levels

Pre-Work: Send teacher full-size, quality color picture of canvas choice with 3 specific areas identified, e.g., “church roof” rather than “church” (per teacher instruction letter).

Kit Cost: $25.00


The class will begin with a general discussion of the student canvases with questions from the students. To get the class initially stitching, the students will receive suggested stitches and threads for three areas on their individual (1) canvas. As the class progresses, other areas on the student’s canvas will be developed. There will be a rotation around the class to address student’s questions. When opportunities present themselves, the teacher will do class demonstrations. This class is not intended to finalize a complete stitch guide for each student.

Each student to provide teacher prior to class with a full scale color picture of their (1) canvas.

Kit Contents:

  • Pre-Seminar review of student’s selected canvas and creation of mini stitch guide of recommended thread and stitches for three specific areas of canvas, to be clarified in student letter.

Student Provides:

  • Painted Canvas of Student’s choice not to exceed 14” x 14”

  • Stretcher bars to fit selected canvas, Assembled

  • Tacks or staples to attach canvas to bars (prior to class)

  • Threads (brought to class and supplemented with threads from Seminar Boutique or Merchandise Night)

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

  • Stand or frame weight to stabilize your piece while stitching

  • Usual stitching supplies

  • Stitch reference books (optional)

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