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1 Day Classes

Class 101: Baroque  
Teacher: Margaret Bendig

101 Bendig Baroque Red.jpg
101 Bendig Baroque Blue.jpg

Baroque is a little counted canvas design of woven and composite stitches with a classic feel. Two colors of silk along with metallic ribbon and fine metallic thread join to form this piece. Students should be comfortable reading charts. The original is stitched on 18 count canvas with red and white silk with gold threads. Multiple color ways are available. Along with the original red and gold, Mediterranean blue with silver or gold metallics, deep violet or Azure blue with silver metallics are available. Each colorway has a neutral thread, white or soft ivory. I hope you will join me.

Kit Contents:

  • 9” square, 18 count canvas                                                       

  • 1 card Soft Sheen Fyre Werks, gold FT15                       

  • 5 meters Needlepoint Inc Silk (NPI) #991bb ~ white                   

  • 9 meters Needlepoint Inc Silk (NPI)#503 ~ red silk                     

  • Fils a Coudre Classiques et Fantaisie fine metal thread ~ N40 #110

  • OR Sulky Metallic thread #142-7004, gold  or 143-7001, silver

  • #22 or #24 tapestry needles                                                     

  • Stitch count 58 x 58 threads

Student Provides:

  • Stretcher bars, 2 pair 9” assembled

  • Tacks to attach canvas to bars

  • Floor stand, table stand, or frame weight

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

  • Usual stitching supplies

​Technique: Counted Canvas

Design Area: 3 ¼” square

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $42.00

Class 102: Hummingbird and Fuchsia
Teacher: Mendie Cannon

102 Cannon Hummingbird and fuchsia.jpg

Hummingbirds are quite amazing with their wings flapping so fast you can barely see them. We have caught this one just as it starts to draw the nectar of the fuchsia flower. A wonderful moment in time recreated with needle and thread. You will learn the Brazilian Embroidery stitches of stem, leaf, bullion, knotted lazy daisy and pistil.

Kit Contents:

  • Kit includes design pre-printed on 12” x 12” Trigger fabric

  •  Instructions

  • Color photo

  • Needles

  • Grabber

  • Needle threader

  • Threads

  • Backing fabric

  • Ribbon

  • Stretcher bars

  • Tacks.

Student Provides:

  • Regular stitching kit (scissors, etc.) 

  • Lighting (battery run) and magnification are optional but useful 

​Technique: Brazilian Embroidery

Design Area: 6" x 7"

Proficiency Level: Advanced Intermediate

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $109.00

Class 103: Meadowbrook Inspiration
Teacher: Deborah Mitek

103 Mitek  Meadowbrook Inspiration.jpg

​Technique: Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Design Area: 4" x 4"

Proficiency Level: All Levels

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $78.00

Learn the basics of silk ribbon embroidery as you stitch this classic motif inspired by a silk-embroidered wall hanging at Meadow Brook Hall. The design uses all Painter’s Threads: overdyed 4mm & 7mm silk ribbons, #8 metallic braid, shimmer ribbon floss, soie American, soie perle, soie de Paris, with crystal beads, stitched on a 10” x 10” metallic-painted and drawn, ivory congress cloth background. The outline stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, straight stitch, fly stitch, French knots, and the ribbon stitch are used to complete the design.

Kit Contents:

  • Complete thread kit

  • Crystal beads

  • Needles

  • 10” x 10” taped metallic-painted ivory congress cloth with a line drawing,

  • Stitch instructions including a large picture of the design, detail photos, stitch guides, diagrams, and Tips on Handling Silk Ribbon.

Student Provides:

  • 10” x 10” Stretcher Bars / tacks or staples

  • Usual stitching supplies, including a trolley needle or wooden laying tool

  • Stand / Frameweight / or Clamp for hands-free stitching

  • Battery-powered Light and Magnifier (optional)

Class 104: Lettering for Surface Embroidery, Personalizing your non-counted Embroideries
Teacher: Canby Robertson

104 Robertson Lettering Photo_1.jpeg

This is not a monogram class. This class will provide surface embroiderers with a method to use existing alphabets to create names and words in a professional way. We will complete the class by discussing shading and stitch choices appropriate for the finished product.  Sourcing unusual non-copyright alphabets not used in class will be discussed.  The teacher will display finished examples to encourage students to “think outside of the box.”

 Ground: Cotton toile ground with silk thread

Kit Contents:

  • Au ver á Soie silk thread,

  • Ground fabric

  • Photo

  • Alphabet copies

  • Stitch direction chart

  • Needles

  • Tracing paper.

Student Provides:

  • 5” hoop

  • Light and magnification

104 Robertson Lettering Photo 2.jpg

​Technique: Surface embroidery

Proficiency Level: All Levels

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $60.00

Class 105: Whirligig Treasure Chest
Teacher: Mary Alice Sinton

105 Sinton Whirligig (1).JPG

​Technique: Japanese Bead Embroidery

Design Area: 2.5” x 3.75”

Proficiency Level: Basic

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $85.00

The Whirligig Treasure Chest is done in Japanese bead embroidery method and is an entry level piece.  Bead embroidery in the Japanese method incorporates silk embroidery techniques translated with beads.  The presentation wooden box that the Whirligig is displayed in is by Sudberry and is included in the kit.  The beads used are a wide variety Tri-cut and glass seed beads.  The technique of using a Beading Koma to couch down lines of beads in order to create smooth curves is explored in this piece.  The foundation fabric is a floral pinwheel 100% cotton fabric called Safari SO Goodie by Wilmington Prints stitched using stretcher bars.                                  

(Box Lid design © Mary Alice Sinton)

Kit Contents:

  • Beads

  • Cotton fabric (printed)

  • Sudberry Trinket Box

  • Gutermann Sewing Threads: Black and Bone

  • A special Japanese Beading Koma made by John Sinton Woodworking ($25 value)

  • Design Paper & Pattern

  • Japanese Needles (M2 & M3) with Ultra Fine Needle Threader

  • Color Image Reference

Student Provides:

  • Clamps or Frame Stand

  • Regular Stretcher Bars (7” x 8”) and Tacks

  • Silk Pins

  • Tulip Beading Awl or tekobari (optional)

  • Paper & Embroidery Scissors

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

Class 106: Red Bird Mexican Tile
Teacher: John Waddell

106 Waddell Red Bird photo.jpg

​Technique: Canvas

Design Area: 5" x 5"

Proficiency Level: All Levels

Pre-Work: None

Kit Cost: $45.00


This design is one of a series that was inspired by and adapted from vintage tiles found in a Mexican tile factory. We will work with the historic Mexican color palette of the time period. The tile is relatively simple and works up quickly.  Borders and backgrounds will be discussed and can be individualized.

Kit Contents:

  • 18ct. Tan Mono Canvas, Line-Drawn

  • Instructions

  • Masking tape

  • Needles

  • Color picture

  • Cotton floss

  • Black Ultra-fine tip Sharpie Pen

Student Provides:

  • Mini Stretcher Bars, 8” x 8”, Assembled

  • Tacks or staples to attach canvas to bars

  • Battery-powered Lighting & Magnification, if needed

  • Stand or frame weight to stabilize your piece while stitching

  • Usual stitching supplies

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